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By Donald Stokes, Lillian

ISBN-10: 0316817201

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Become aware of the fantastic attractiveness and variety of nature in wintry weather. filled with attention-grabbing information regarding vegetation, animals, and traditional phenomena that may be saw through the Northeast and North principal areas of North the US in wintry weather, the Stokes advisor to Nature in iciness will lead you to-and assist you savour and understand-the ordinary wonders of the season. the topics lined comprise: iciness weeds and wildflowers Winter's birds and deserted nests facts of bugs Animal tracks and symptoms Evergreen vegetation

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The dried flowerheads, split and placed on rollers, were used to card, or tease, wool, giving 48 / A Cuide to Nature in Winter Teasel some of the common names for the plant: Teasel and Fuller's Teasel. The plant is a biennial, growing a hardy rosette the first year and a zesty stalk the second. The plant, rare on the East Coast, is common from central New York to the Midwest. If you wear heavy gloves when picking it and have a floor vase to put the tall stalk in, Teasel's intricate designs can be a great source of visual enioyment throughout the winter.

Ohnswort (usort meaning "plant" or "herb" ). When . lohnsusortflowerhead 44 / A Guide to Nature in Winter the plant immigrated to North America it left its traditions behind, and although still as effective as it probably ever was against evil, St. ]ohnswort is now seldom used for that purpose. The side branches of St. fohnswort grow in perfect pairs off the central stem. As the plant is swayed by wind, the seedsfall out and are blown to areas nearby. It has no known wildlife use, but its red-brown stems are certainly a pleasant touch of color in the winter landscape.

Loosestrife ( Lythrurn salic ario) Loosestrife, so prominent in summer with its purple fowers massing the edges of lakes and swamps, is defatingly inconspicuous in its winter habit. Few people ever guess the real identity of this dried weed. In winter, Loosestrife's slender branches reach out and bend up beside the thin main stem. They are punctuated at even intervals by surrounding sets of fowerheads. The plant is a strange mixture of geometry and numbers. The main stem tends to be hexagonal, the side branches Purple Loosestrife 34 / A Guide to Nature in Winter *,, r, M Loosestrife branching, f,/ \ Itfl \\ Mt \r square.

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