Get Able to Play. Overcoming Physical Challenges PDF

By Glenn Stout

Able to Play stocks the inspiring tales of 4 baseball avid gamers. Mordecai "Three Finger"

Brown, Ron Santo, Jim Abbott, and Curtis delight confronted actual demanding situations other

players did not have. With selection and guts, they did not simply triumph over; they

excelled. This publication is a game-changing party of overcoming odds.

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Most pitchers throw a curveball by turning their hand to the side, so that instead of the ball rolling off the fingertips of their first two fingers, they bring their first two fingers over the top of the baseball and the ball rolls off the side of the first finger and rotates toward the hitter. Mordecai, however, didn't have a first finger. That didn't stop him. Just as he had learned how to throw accurately with his damaged hand by throwing rocks at the barn, Mordecai began trying to throw a curveball, practicing the pitch over and over again, trying different ways of holding the ball.

Tupper, for a checkup. Dr. Tupper took a routine blood test and soon returned to the office to give Ron the results. Tupper liked Ron and usually greeted him with a big smile. This time, however, the doctor looked grim. Ron's blood test revealed an abnormality. "Ron," he said, "we found some sugar in your blood. " According to the test, Ron had a form of diabetes known as type 1. When a person who doesn't have diabetes eats something, the sugar in the food, known as glucose, stimulates the pancreas, an organ in the body, to release insulin into the blood.

On this particular day they had to prepare the feed. Instead of just giving the livestock bales of hay or cornstalks, Mordecai and his brother first had to chop the feed up so it would be easier for the animals to digest. They used a machine called a feed cutter. The feed cutter used a series of sharp, circular blades that chopped the feed into small pieces. Mordecai's brother, being older and stronger, turned the crank on the machine that spun a series of gears and pulleys that made the blades spin and go up and down quickly.

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