Advanced Level Practical Work for Physics by Mike Crundell;Chris Mee PDF

By Mike Crundell;Chris Mee

ISBN-10: 0340782455

ISBN-13: 9780340782453

The recent a degree standards position additional emphasis on functional work,and particularly the talents assessed in either coursework and the externally set useful try. complicated point sensible paintings for Physics covers all of the 4 major ability parts - devising and making plans experimental actions; demonstrating useful effects; staring at measuring and recording; and analyzing explaining and comparing effects. labored examples and straightforward questions are supplied for every subject, and key issues, definitions and equations are highlighted. All in all this may be an essential better half for college kids practicing the sensible portion of the final award.

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B) The drop is exposed to a radioactive source that emits elec­ trons. theIfdrop and arefieldcaptured byat itsit, changing the electric remains constant value, calculate the resulting acceleration of the drop. (a) To keep the drop in equilibrium, its weight must be balanced by an equal electric force of magnitude qE acti n g upward. Because the electric field is given being in the downward thepointcharge q on the drop must be negative forequilibrium the electricdirection, force to in a direction opposite the field.

We thus have a situation in which identical charge distribu­ tions would produce different forces on a test particle. This is an unacceptable result, and thus our original as­ sumption must be wrong: there can be no component of the electric field perpendicular to the axis of the ring. Another way of obtaining this result is to consider two elements of charge on the ring located at opposite ends of a diameter. The net electric field due to the two elements lies parallel to the axis, because the components perpen­ dicular to the axis cancel one another.

4, the electric field of a point charge. This should not be surprising because, at large enough distances, the ring would appear as a point charge. We note also from Eq. 23 that Ez 0 for z 0. This is also not surprising because a test charge at the center of the ring would be pushed or pulled equally in all directions in the plane of the ring and would experience no net force. Is this equilibrium stable or unstable? = = A Disk of Charge Figure 1 1 shows a circular plastic disk of radius R, carry­ ing a uniform surface charge of density

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