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Engines with "Correct" Air-Fuel 56 Mixtures (φ = 1) D. Rich Mixtures (φ > 1) 57 E. Simplified General Case (All φ) 57 VI. Kinetics of NO Formation 61 A. Extended Zel'dovich (Linearized) 61 B. Finite Rate Chemistry 65 C. Finite NO Chemistry in an Engine 71 VII. Cornell Experiments with Automobile 74 Pollution Controls A. Piston Chamber Control 77 B. Stratification 78 C. Air Stratification 80 39 Copyright © 1983 by Academic Press, Inc. All rights of reproduction in any form reserved. ISBN 0-12-014904-4 40 E.

O, N, CH) may be needed for other combustion considerations, as flame speed, ionization level, etc. In most cases, their concentrations can be computed from the answers we will obtain to an accuracy adequate for practical engine work by stan­ dard methods. Our reaction is CH, + / 0 2 + ßfN2 = aC02 + (1 - a)CO + bU20 + AOH + (y/2 - b - h/2)H2 + g02 + jNO + (ßf-j/2)N2 (11) In this chemical equation the number of atoms of carbon (C), hydro­ gen (H), and nitrogen (N) have been balanced. 782. Making the oxygen (O) atom balance gives an equation for/, f=g + {\ + a + b + h + j)l2 (12) The gas law for the mixture of combustion products can be written pV = nRT, where n is the total number of moles and R is the universal gas constant.

Automobile Pollution Control 51 Using the second reaction Eq. (15) we have PHJPH A2/PH22OO = KK22/plpl£0l = (y/2 - b - hll)lb = or b = (y - A)/2(l + K2lpW2) (20) We cannot find b because we do not know h. For most conditions of interest in engines, h is small compared with y so b can be estimated if desired. Manipulating reaction equation (17) along with Eqs. (14) and (15), PH2 = K4(pColpco2)PoH = K4(Kx/pH22)pOH = (PH2oK2/pH22y/2 or POH'PÜIO = [Kf/(K{K4)]p^2 = (h/n)p/[(b/n)pY/2 = (pln)mhlbm or h= p^\[Kfl{KxKA)]{nlp)mbm This expression can be used with Eq.

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