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By Peter McMylor

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This ebook is the 1st complete size account of the importance of Alasdair MacIntyre's paintings for the social sciences. MacIntyre's ethical philosophy is proven to supply the assets for a robust critique of liberalism. His tradition is visible because the notion for a serious social technology of modernity.

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After Virtue is his answer. MacIntyre tells us that this work arose out of an attempt to write two books, one on the fate of morality in the modern world and another on the philosophy of social science. 49 ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION 23 After Virtue begins with a ‘disquieting suggestion’. MacIntyre develops the view, present in all his work, that in modern liberal society, the moral basis has fragmented. It is not that we are confused over particular moral questions but rather we have lost the basis for understanding what a coherent moral argument is.

Many, although by no means all, people who oppose nuclear weapons on ‘moral’ grounds, do so because they are members of communities that MacIntyre describes as bearers for the traditions of the virtues. They tend to oppose the possession and use of nuclear weapons, on the grounds—which have a long pedigree—that the intention to kill vast numbers of people in a war, is immoral. Such an intention was and is a central part of current nuclear strategy, given the targeting by the west of Russian cities.

This is because bureaucratic organisations, on this view, operate on an implicit means-ends morality. Such forms can have no concept of the intention to do something as being evil. A modern bureaucratic state’s only relevant criterion is effectiveness; that this particular threat to exercise nuclear weapons has proved to be effective: ‘there has been no war for 40 years in Europe’. The ends are chosen, there can be no intrinsically evil means, only means that would fail or whose use would jeopardise the ends.

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