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By Victor Gischler

Angel & religion is a ongoing comedian ebook sequence from darkish Horse Comics, which keeps on from Angel & religion in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. The sequence is released below the Season Ten banner.

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He frowned and cocked his head, obviously trying to reconcile some incorrect vision of me he had in his mind. ” he said, his brow furrowed. “But I don’t understand. ” I demanded. “Common knowledge,” he said, skirting my question. ” I sniffed. ” He took a step back, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Am I experiencing “Devil’s protégé” withdrawal? I shook my head, trying to clear it, and the guy took another few steps backward until he had put a good “couch and wing chair” between us. It was the strangest thing, but the farther he got away from me, the more I wanted to jump him.

Dark cherry wood-paneled walls framed crème brûlée- colored marble floors, all of this offset by a gorgeous oxblood-and-rust antique Oriental carpet and two sumptuous burgundy velveteen couches. I could have lived in that foyer for the rest of my life and been happy. Jackal Brother Number One gestured for me to follow them through the gorgeous room—which I did hesitantly because the Jackal Brothers were starting to kind of give me the creeps. They led me toward a pair of heavy wooden double doors that were set into the far wall, stopping just in front of them.

Kind of like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole, I guess, but let me tell you, Lewis Carroll never said anything about your stomach jumping up into your throat, or your head throbbing like it was being squeezed in a vise. I had almost made Jarvis call the house and order a helicopter—I hated wormholes so much. Instead, I’d taken a deep breath and followed him through the swirling mass of black nothingness he’d called up inside the bathroom while I was back at my desk. It was as bad as I’d remembered.

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