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By Michael T McManus, Mark Laing, Andrew Allan

ISBN-10: 0849397901

ISBN-13: 9780849397905

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ISBN-13: 9781841272290

The significance of protein-protein interactions in organic structures is a speedily rising learn subject and the revolution that's happening in our figuring out of plant genomics is allowing us to make interesting discoveries that experience implications for either the basic and utilized plant sciences. This ebook offers, at study point, an summary of our present knowing of the importance of protein-protein interactions in plant biology. each one bankruptcy considers the biochemical mechanism of the protein-protein interplay and its useful value, and attracts comparisons with related interactions in animal cells.

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The synthesis, assembly, functioning, regulation and degradation of Rubisco involve a multitude of protein-protein interactions and many of these have served as paradigms for plant molecular biology. The focus in this chapter is on the interaction between Rubisco and the activase that is involved in regulating and maintaining the activity of Rubisco. 2 Structure of Rubisco and the activase In plants and algae, Rubisco occurs as a hexadecameric protein of ca. 550 kDa, comprising a core of four large (L) subunit (ca.

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