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By S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

ISBN-10: 1558065512

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Positioned quick and livid wrestle into your experience! palms legislations grants myth and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. basic to take advantage of, you will puncture, minimize, or overwhelm your foes with convincing fatality!Arms legislations expands the wrestle procedure from Rolemaster myth position taking part in to its complete breadth.Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with otherwise in order that each one weapon has a distinct think and style. a similar is right for animal assaults and different adversarial maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial's no longer the bruises that kill! serious harm is what wastes your enemies! fingers legislation provides a dozen kinds of serious moves -- defined in shiny element -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to strive against!

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3∑∏ Blow to foe's shield arm destroys shield. If no shield, arm is broken. +10H – (-15) Miss foe's arm and strike his thigh. He stumbles and drops something. +6H – π – (-5) – (+10) Catch foe in mid-swing and disarm him. His weapon tumbles behind you. Strike to foe's right achilles tendon. Oh that hurts ya know! +10H – ∑∏ +5H – ∑ – (-10) +6H – π – (-5) +10H – 2∑∏ – (-10) +10H – (-10) Blow to foe's ribs. It hurts him to raise his arms. Foe cannot lean over. Strike grazes across left thigh and lands on right.

Tears it open and exposes skin. 46-50 +2H – (π-30) 51-55 Strike to foe's chest and he looks impressed. ∑–∫ Solid strike to foe's chest. Blood from wound ruins any heraldry. (π-25) – 2∫ 56-60 Minor thigh wound. It could have been better. +3H – 2∑ – 2∫ Strike to foe's thigh. +3H – ∑∏ – 2∫ Forearm strike shakes foe up. Foe attempts a recovery. +6H – ∑∏ Strike toward chest. If foe has a shield, it Solid chest strike leaves bruises and is out of position for the rest of the blood. round. +3H – 2∫ – 2π Thigh wound does some damage.

And suffocates in 12 rounds. +20H – 12∑ Blast foe's chest. Send ribcage into heart. Foe drops and dies in 6 rounds. Blow to shoulder. +9H – ∑∏ – (-50) Foe yells out before the impact and is silenced by the blow. Ribs crack. 4∑∏ – (-30) Strike to foe's head. If he has no helm, he falls into a coma for 3 weeks. +10H – ∑∏ – (-10) +10H – 2∑∏ – (-40) +12H – 2∑∏ – (-25) Foe makes a mistake and pays. You send him prone with a fell strike. Tendons are smashed. +12H – (-10) Glancing strike to lower back.

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